The Live Wires

A.K.A. One Sentence Stories

A Montreal-based trio performing one-sentence stories with sonic interludes

The Live Wires at Zeke's Gallery

Members:  Matthew Bain, James Schidlowsky and Paul Berry.

The Live Wires were formed in 1999 as a duo of Matt & James, wherein Matt read his infamous & humourous "one-sentence stories" (OSS), and James provided sonic interludes and non-musical support. Costumes, props and bizarreness were in abundance, as well as wires. They became famous for having "enough wires", as well as bringing not only the noise, but the wires as well. Several shows later (having confused audiences at the Jailhouse Rock Café, Artishow, and Chapters Bookstore), Paul Berry joined the crew, providing more one-sentence stories. The group went on to play Blizzarts, Zeke's Gallery, the Jello Bar (incongruously), and the Cagibi.

We are available for any occasion where humour is appreciated: weddings, bar-mitzvahs, camping trips, boat launchings, wine-tastings, weather balloon launchings, etc.

Thank you: Joan Bain for inspiration & "wires".

Several stories were wonderfully and imaginatively illustrated by Amelia Robinson. The group are looking to have a small book published. Here is a sample of illustrated one-sentence stories.

Live Wires performance slideshow from their reunion concert back in June 2007.

Article in the Montreal Gazette, June 17th, 2009 for their 10th anniversary performance.