James Schidlowsky's Home Page

Photo-taker, Sound-maker, Electronics-dabbler, Computer Programmer...

Living in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Biography (Concerning Sound-Making)

Handmade Electronics: Sound Boxes, Video Boxes, Lightboxes, etc. and The Sweet32 Speaker Interrupter-Switcher Installation Thing

Paper Collage Gallery [on flickr]

CreativeCodeArt: Being a compendium of some artistic-ish & just-for-fun projects I have done that involved computer programming...

Photo galleries:   Flickr and Instagram

Videos:   VIMEO: Abstract, ‘Experimental’ Trippy and Demo Videos and YOUTUBE: Electronic Sound-box Demos, Jams and Miscellaneous Unserious Videos and this film collage/montage piece in 3 parts (so far): Very Eyes, Very Eyes (2019-)

SOUNDCLOUD: Various Music Projects and Field Recordings Made During Electronic Sound Explorations.

Montreal Historical Bits: Tracing the history of certain addresses/buildings that interest me.

pinballspotting Blog: Vintage Pinball Machines I Spotted in Movies and Identified.