Montreal Historical Bits

Researched by James Schidlowsky

Caveat: I am not a historian/archivist by profession not training. I do this for fun.

* Mile End Train Station area, including Frontenac brewery, Van Horne warehouse, L. Villeneuve & Co. hardware/lumber yard, and 77 Bernard East.

* The Obscure History of the North Star Coin Machine Co. & the North Star Machines à piastres bar.

* 1050 St-Laurent blvd (Sun Hing Supermarket).

* 5301 St-Laurent blvd (Bar Salon).

* 5648 de Lorimier (Photo deep dive: A pinball machine being operated in the early 1940s).

* Amusement arcades during the time when pinball was illegal in Montreal, 1955-1977.

* 750 de Bienville (in French). J'avais trouvé une photo d'un dépanneur dans les vidanges. Quand est-ce que c'était prise ?

* 3995-4001 rue Berri (in French).

* H-d-V. (T.B.A.)